Canadian SaaS Customers Benefit with New “Tools for Apps” by AURO Cloud

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The leading Canadian cloud computing service provider AURO has expanded the support for SaaS (Software as a Service) customers with its new “Tools for Applications.” So, what’s this “Tools for Applications” all about?

About Tools For Applications

Well, we’re talking about a program that has been created specifically for cloud-based app users and SaaS customers. This program helps its users who need an expert’s service, support, and tools while managing their apps at every step of the development process. It comes with a set of services specifically designed for development of cloud-based apps, migration of current workloads to the cloud, set-ups, and tests of development environments, including backups for data replication.

In addition, thanks to “Tools for Applications,” cloud users can minimize the risks associated with the adoption of new delivery models. As a result, they can significantly reduce capital investment and allow you to reach the market much faster. You don’t have to manage or run any infrastructure; SaaS companies can focus on developing and shipping cloud-based apps to their customers.

Compliance Programs

Tools for Applications meet compliance standards that are based on PHIPA, AT101 SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27002 certifications. SaaS customers can use these programs and various services to meet the strict uptime, support, governance, or mission workload requirements.

For instance, an online survey platform used to gather and store sensitive data can benefit from the Tools for Applications by adding an extra security layer. This helps the end users achieve a competitive advantage in the market. In addition, this program is both reliable and a scalable solution that is an invaluable growth supporter.

More Benefits

You don’t have to be a SaaS customer to know that a true benefit comes from an ability to test your ideas quickly, efficiently, and at low cost while being able to scale up when necessary. With the help of Tools for Applications, cloud users can get the instant access to multiple cloud zones and industry-leading tools. For example, cloud databases, cloud load balancers, block, and object storage.

Premise On Which Tools for Apps Was Built

The majority of cloud-based and SaaS customers have serious concerns that a vendor lock-in could lead to a one cloud provider limitation unless they decide to spend more time and money to record the applications they plan to use. With the Tools for Applications, you don’t have to worry about a vendor lock-in limitation. This program is supported by OpenStack and it will remain to be compatible throughout the open standards use.

Finally, the Tools for Applications is extremely redundant and ensures storage, networking, and cloud computing with the full API compatibility. Just the things every SaaS customers have been waiting for to get.



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