Is Customer Experience the Top Reason to Adopt Cloud Services?

Cloud Services Customer Experience

Surprise – the opportunity to save money is no longer one of the most important reasons to adopt cloud services. Why? Well, our use of cloud services has changed a lot. Nowadays, IT managers treat the cloud as an MVP for their business rather than an additional money-saving tool. What happened? How did cloud become an MVP? Why is customer experience so important for the cloud?

New game – New rules

It goes without saying that customers are now mobile and depend heavily on social media or applications (including web apps). Why is this important for companies? Well, per the findings of some recent surveys, over 90% of businesses base their company strategies mainly or entirely on customer experience results.

Regardless of how you may feel personally about it, the brave new world of social media allows customers to exchange their experiences instantly with companies and other users. These voices can be loud and powerful. Every single company or service is now in a position to be judged through the lens of a single user who can then share that story with literally thousands of people instantly.

However, there is a flip side to this story. Companies are free to use these same technologies to their advantage. More importantly, is that online companies likes ours now have the ability to put a “face” to the company and let customers interact directly with us. We are now able to share our stories directly with customers and provide instant support touch points.

Who you gonna call? Cloudbusters!

As mentioned, mobility and social media are main factors for shaping the modern customer experience. An unavoidable consequence is that customers expect to get the same quality of service and experience regardless of time and location 24 hours a day. Imagine the growing demands for continuously available services and applications and instant access to cloud computing resources. There’s only one solution to address all of these moments – the public cloud.

Look at companies like Amazon, Facebook or even our own Canadian Web Hosting. Any moment of downtime has a direct impact on the business both fiscally and from a customer perspective. These same users can share those stories instantly. Companies today have users worldwide and are within different time zones. With today’s cloud computing and cloud hosting services, we can provide geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure, server-less infrastructure and the ability to add resources on-demand.

Without any exaggeration, cloud presents itself as “deus ex machina” or a win-win for companies if you aren’t a huge fan of Latin phrases. How? Well, the cloud helps you meet your customers’ expectations and save your budget at the same time. You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your available budget and make substantial investments to satisfy your customers. In fact, cloud hosting allows you to only consume the resources you require and plan for future requirements without having to buy hardware in advance. Cloud services can take care of it in an efficient and affordable way.

So, what’s the answer?

We are right back to where we started from with our question. Should customer experience be the top reason for you to adopt cloud services? Well, if it isn’t already, then it should definitely be in the near future.

There are many options and available business models to choose from. For instance, hosting can be associated with private or public shared cloud or a combination of both – a hybrid. Customers themselves can show you the way. They make their choices based on priorities, such as speed, security and cost. You should too. Your customer experience and feedback will give you all the guidance you need. The cloud is to support your choices with the most suitable practical solutions. Sounds like a plan for your next cloud move, doesn’t it?


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