Top 4 Software Development Trends and Cloud Hosting Trends for 2017

Latest trends for software developers and cloud hosting 2017

It has never been easy playing a prediction game. Especially in the tech industry. Yet, below we describe four of the latest trends for software development and cloud hosting for 2017. 

#1 The client-server hybrid systems will increase their important

In today’s infrastructure as a service marketplace integration and converged systems are becoming the norm and software development has taken notice and these same designers have begun to design their applications to take advantage of that.  Some systems can be classified as neither pure services nor pure apps. They’re hybrid systems. The same can be applied to cloud computing. Some of it can be done locally/on-premise and some is reserved for the cloud. We’ve witnessed that this kind of cloud vs on-premise division is becoming less and less apparent as companies move from their traditional legacy environments or look at converged systems like Nutanix. The number of integrated hybrid systems is constantly increasing thanks to the growing computing power in services, devices, and broadband availability. In 2017, developers will have means more opportunities to work on cross-platform apps and components.

#2 Big data will get even bigger

When looking at the latest trends for software development and cloud hosting, Big Data and big data calculations will increasingly ask for more information to process. Yet, this shouldn’t be something for developers to worry about. New powerful machine learning algorithms and cloud computing tools will make it possible for developers to handle these tasks more successfully and efficiently by easily scaling out or adding resources when needed.  Even today, these same cloud server providers are looking at newer generation processing chips and systems to give users more options and resources on demand. In addition, the big data analysis will benefit a lot from the improved machine learning systems. This will represent an additional challenge for programmers who will have to develop extra data process and analysis skills.

#3 Virtual Reality will go mainstream

In 2017, while I think there is still a lot of discussion between the merits and future success of Augmented Reality versus Virtual Reality it is easy to see the companies are pushing VR into the mainstream.  I can now go to Bestbuy and see Oculus booths, or Microsoft stores with their equivalent Vive displays both having VR displays near the front of the store.  We can only expect more good news for VR development and promotion. The VR devices are shrinking in size and expanding in their capabilities and improved functionality. The users themselves respond positively to the growing demand for VR-related technology and products, which in return means more work for VR designers and developers. Of course, for most of the apps, the development process will have to adapt and change.

#4 Quantum computing will benefit smaller device size

For software development and cloud hosting, Quantum Computing is still a long-shot concept but seems to be increasingly likely.  Quantum Computing is no longer a science fiction and are being worked on by real companies – Microsoft and Google to name two. Compared to traditional transistor-based devices they can perform much faster, which will leads to small and more powerful devices, new programming languages and new ways of doing business. Undoubtedly, this is a dream come true for every developer. The new devices are getting smaller and the opportunities are getting bigger.

It seems that these trends for software developers and cloud hosting  providers have to prepare properly for this year, which is going to be extremely generous in terms of new challenges and opportunities, such as hybrid systems, big data, VR, and quantum computing. At the same time, it is a huge encouragement to see that these once exclusive concepts are becoming a part of the mainstream use. Today’s exciting new trend can mean a mainstream commodity tomorrow. Just imagine what can be achieved when one or more of these trends are combined in the hands of a skilled developer. We are talking about the new world of opportunities that may easily embrace 2017 as its starting point.


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