Digital Assistants and the Evolution of SEO


There’s a new innovative technology emerging in the market: Digital Assistants (DA). Devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri, and Cortana are capable of managing status updates, traffic, schedules, controlling electronic devices, and providing a weather report. DA provide the user with a diverse range of possibilities to work with, but how can this affect the constantly evolving world of SEO?

While many believe that DA are the next steps towards a shift in focus for SEO, this may not be the case. In fact, there is one glaring weakness that needs to be addressed. Digital assistants require a database from which it can pull data from. As long as they are tied to this database, they are unable to change the SEO landscape.  While this means that DA are not major game changers, they still pose a significant advantage for businesses who use their information in ways that benefit their search ranking.

In order to reap the most benefits, it is recommended that you ask the DA any questions that a potential customer would ask. What is this product, how does it compare with competitors, is it price efficient? By asking these questions, you can find the source from which it is pulling its data from. Once you find this source, you can then focus your business strategy around it in order to improve DA search results. If successful, you should see a rise in ranking not only on searches pertaining to digital assistants, but all across the board.

Although it hasn’t changed SEO in a large scale, expect to see the DA in near future with significant updates and innovative features that could impact the way search rankings work. You never know what will happen with technology, but it’s always smart to watch trends closely.

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