Technical Preview 3 for Microsoft Azure Stack Available Now

microsoft azure stack technical preview

Microsoft will deliver a few updates for Azure Stack, including an Azure on-premises extension. Organizations that depend on hybrid cloud working environments can expect to achieve the optimal innovation capacity and flexibility, which are essential for app design and business goals.

In addition, organizations looking forward to either develop new apps or redesign the existing ones, including both on-premises and cloud environments, can now apply one of the following three genuine hybrid cloud scenarios:

#1 Consistent Development of Hybrid Apps

In this scenario, organizations have an almost unlimited choice from a global talent pool. Additionally, they can be productive from the development of day one. When required to move from one project to another quickly and efficiently, hybrid apps can be extremely flexible.

#2 On-Premises Azure Services

Both Azure PaaS and IaaS services can now be provided on-premises. Undoubtedly, this scenario allows organizations to apply hybrid cloud computing, which performs properly on both technical and business level.

#3 Purpose-Designed Systems That Ensure Operational Excellence

In this scenario, Azure Stack has been delivered through various integrated systems. Purpose-designed systems ensure the continuous incorporation of Azure innovations in a non-disruptive and predictable manner.

Azure Stack Technical Preview 3 Now Available

The Technical Preview 3 is now available for Azure Stack. Microsoft has made sure you can download it. There is an on-premises model with the pricing that works as the pay-as-you-use principle. Evidently, Microsoft is determined organizations opting for hybrid cloud working environments can expect two things. First is the same innovation capability and flexibility to reach their business goals. Second, to meet their requirements associated with the application design.


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