Microsoft Attempts to Bring Machine Learning to the Forefront

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Microsoft is one of few leaders in machine learning, along with business giants Google, Facebook and IBM. Microsoft has just released its licensed beta version of Microsoft Cognitive Tool, a machine learning system that operates under neural networks. Having already caught the attention of many experts, the tool has three main features:

1. Optimization for Azure Cloud

Built to run through multiple clusters on the Azure N platform, Microsoft constructed the Cognitive Toolkits so that it can run large models on multiple GPUs across multiple servers. This sort of infrastructure will benefit companies who are looking to support millions of users while relieving the hassle of investing the resources to optimize machine learning infrastructure.

2. Machine Learning Infrastructure Gives Companies More Incentive

With nearly twenty models to operate through, there are an infinite amount of ways to solve problems. With a small population of software developers able to create machine learning models and a large population of developers and data scientists able to apply them to a plethora of problems, it’s no wonder companies would rather flock towards an already-optimized structure. Needless to say, not every company has the resources to create their own model anyways, giving them more incentive to hop onto Microsoft’s Cognitive Toolkit.

3. Accessibility

The toolkit also boasts availability to both C++ and Python developers. While both are used for different reasons, the two will have no problem integrating into this infrastructure with the help of the toolkit.

Next Big Thing?

With that being said, Microsoft Cognitive Tool is still only in beta. It has plenty of ways to go before we see the final version. Most importantly, this release solidifies the AI and machine learning as the next big thing after the mobile.


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