Google Hangouts is Removing SMS and Sucks Even More Now

Google's messaging strategy is confused and clueless.

Google Hangouts wants to be Slack and Whatsapp and has confused the internet even more. 

Google Hangouts sucks!  There I said it.  I’ve been a long-time user of Google’s products and am always looking for ways to incorporate their products into my daily work routine and use their services over my existing favorites.  Whether its Gsuite vs. Office365, Skype vs. Hangouts, or Gmail vs. Hotmail I always try the service and end up significantly disappointed (that doesn’t include the level of tracking on me).  Obviously, I am not the user that they are looking for but I try anyways.   


At Canadian Web Hosting I am clearly in the minority in the world of Google lovers but I stand by my opinion and in fact think that Hangouts is the worst of the bunch and just started sucking even more. 

This week, Google announced its plans to update its semi-popular messaging by removing one of its most popular features from Google Hangouts. I received an email for my GSuite account, and confirmed by others through subsequent postings on sites like Reddit, Google will remove the SMS messaging feature from Hangouts on May 22. Anyone using Google Hangouts as both a Google messaging app and their primary text messaging app won’t be able to send SMS texts after that date.  So, now not only can I not use Allo but Hangouts has removed 50% of the reason that I would use it.  I frequently use SMS to message my parents, relatives and others with pictures and notes.  Is it old school?  Yes.  Is it useless, absolutely not.   Based on posts around the internet I don’t think I am the only one. 

Kellex on Droid life says it best – “…LOLZ. No we don’t. We have no idea what Google is doing. What we do know is that Google appears to be making the situation worse…by ripping SMS support out of Hangouts.”

Google is turning Hangouts into a Slack competitor

Like Microsoft Teams, Google is feeling the need to compete with Slack.  The ultra popular corporate messaging systems that just about everyone in the universe uses.  The SMS announcement followed up on some other announcements from Google who has been revealing its plans to turn Hangouts into as a better workplace communications tool that mimics Slack. The company is likely trying to remove any associations Hangouts has with traditional SMS messaging, so it can position Hangouts as more of a collaboration, sharing, and productivity app.  Good luck with that.  Google has multiple messaging and chat apps but none of them ultimately achieve my personal goal of a single messaging platform that allows me to communicate with the world.  We shall see what happens in the weeks ahead but know that Google Hangouts is no longer the messaging app you’re looking for.



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