What Are Native Advertisements

Getting Started with Native Advertising

Like many of you – anyone looking to market their company – we are always looking at different methods of advertising for our business and trying to figure out how to get the most bang for our buck.  One of the forms we have been looking at is Native Advertisements.

Native Advertisements are similar to online product placements and are meant to mim the form and function of a content of a web publishers layout/website.  The goal of these native ads is build them into the pay layout, including the design and behavior of the website, so the user feels that everything belongs and is more willing to engage with the ads.  In a sense, the native ads become trusted content since it is integrated and presented as part of the content offering.

I have seen some research that paints native advertisements as the preferred method for users including a higher conversion/click-thru rate.   This same research indicates that users interact longer with them than with display ads as the presented content is oftentimes more relevant for the user.

Are Native Advertisements all the same?

In actuality, the objective of native advertisement is the same but there at least 6 types of ads that are utilized within native advertisement which serve different purposes for different types of sites and content.

Recommendation widgets
One of the most common I’ve seen lately are from services like Driven Outbrain, Taboola and Gravity, these often appear at the bottom of a web page displayed as “From around the web” or “You may also like….”

Social in-stream ads:
These would be ads including Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, Facebook’s Sponsored Posts and Pinterest’s Promoted Pins.

Paid search:
Probably the most common and most familiar where your ads show up in search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com. These ads are typically designed with a small “ad” next to them.

Promoted listings:
Examples can be found on Google, Amazon and FourSquare and would be something like promoted listings for a restaurant or breakfast shop.

These are used by advertising companies like Federated Media and Appsavvy.

Custom ads:
These don’t fall within the typical native advertisements but custom ads using services like Spotify, Pandora, and Tumblr.

In today’s online marketplace – content and advertising – are becoming increasingly intertwined.  How many of us write articles or create video content for our websites that perform a function but also help “advertise” the company through user specific content.  For example, how to’s or videos on a new service.   Native advertising is an extension of that idea and can, if used correctly, help you promote your website or content easily and effectively.


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