6 Reasons to Use Shared Web Hosting

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To understand the value and benefits of shared web hosting, we need to first look at what shared hosting is and is not.  Wikipedia describes Shared Web Hosting as a “web hosting service” where many websites reside on one web server connected to the internet.  In general it is the most economical option for hosting as hosting provider is able to spread the actual server costs across different customers.

At Canadian Web Hosting, our shared web hosting offerings include a Linux-based service using cPanel control panel and a Windows-based service using Plesk.  Both web hosting services provide lost cost access to redundant systems that give users defined amounts of resources, the ability to easily manage and run their website, as well as multiple tools to assist each user including setting up email, monitoring, easy one-click installation of apps and server administration.  We are also utilizing services like Imunify360 for advanced security and CloudLinux to help provide over-usage by any one customer ensuring that all shared hosting customers have an equally good experience.  So, why do customers use Shared Web Hosting? Listed below are 6 common reasons, but there are numerous others.  It should be noted, that shared web hosting isn’t for everyone. For customers looking to deploy a custom server, need specific software installed, or need various amounts of resources including high usage or high resource allocations then something like a cloud server or dedicated server may be a better fit.  One of the best things to do is engage with our sales team and they can help identify what the best resource or plan is for your use case.

Low Cost

One of the most common reasons users go with shared web hosting is cost.  When you compare it to other services like Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers, Shared Web Hosting is inexpensive.  All plans include server administration and remove the burden of having to manage and run your own server.   In addition, you can get access to easy to use interfaces/GUIs that allow you to manage and run your website through a visual interface versus using command line or other developer-centric methodologies.

Maintenance Included

All maintenance and administration of the physical server are taken care of by the hosting provider including patching and security updates. For customers who don’t have teams of administrators available, or don’t want to spend time running a server, shared web hosting removes the administrative burden and allows you to focus on building your website or application.

Experts? Who Needs Them

In addition to the above mentioned maintenance and administration, companies like Canadian Web Hosting are focused on delivering 24/7 support your shared hosting plan and shared hosting server so you don’t need any form of expertise to run your plan or if you run into any issues along the way you can access support via email, phone or chat 24-hours a day.

User Friendly Apps

Using shared web hosting services you can get immediate access to leading applications like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to name a few.  As an example, Canadian Web Hosting includes a one-click installation tool that gives customers access to 100’s of leading applications and services that can be installed on their shared web hosting plan within minutes.  In addition, you have access to cPanel or Plesk, which integrate applications and services so you can get immediate access to tools to create email, setup your server and so much more.

Databases – One to Many

One limitation you can run into with web hosting plans is limitations on your databases.  Out of the box, many shared web hosting plans include access to more than one database to use in fact you can run – 10, 20 or more databases in your plan. In doing so this increases your flexibility to support multiple store fronts, or e-commerce requirements in a single shared web hosting plan.

24/7 Monitoring

The best shared hosting plans provide a round the clock monitoring and support. This is really important when you have late night emergency, or need a quick maintenance completed.

Is Shared Web Hosting Right for You?

If you are looking for the an all in one solution that includes support, services and capabilities then yes shared web hosting can be the perfect solution.  The best step to take is to reach out to your web hosting provider and let them know what you are doing.  In fact, they can take a look at your server in real-time and provide recommendations on what makes the most sense for you.


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