cPanel for Linux Hosting

Canadian web hosting uses cPanel for Linux Hosting

We so often hear about shared web hosting and all the different capabilities that are available to customers cheaply.  One of the most significant features, and reasons why is getting access to a web interface that allows you to control and run your website or application through an easy to use GUI.  For more customers this would be cPanel for Linux Hosting or in some cases Plesk for Windows.

What is cPanel for Linux Hosting?

So what is cPanel?  and is it actually easier to use then using command line or something other method to manage my server.

cPanel is often referred to as control panel or GUI, and is the interface used for making changes to and customizing your website or application within your linux hosting plan.

So what can you do with cPanel?

cPanel includes a wide range of services and icons that include different capabilities aroundmanaging different functions like domains, websites, applications, SSLs, email and so much more. Some of the features that cPanel includes are:

  • Email: Within cPanel you can easily create new email accounts using your own custom domain, view/modify your existing email accounts, modify your MX or TXT records if and when you want to add another domain or 3rd party service, setup and change email accounts, or set up mail box quotas and much more.
  • Domains: Under the domains section of cPanel, you can quickly new and existing domains, park a domain, create sub-domains as needed, or setup redirects as needed.
  • File Management: In the files section of cPanel this is where you can make backups of your cpanel account, update files that are stored in your account, see and review your current disk use, or manage your existing FTP accounts including new FTP accounts.
  • Databases: As one would expect this is where users can quickly create new databases, setup access to MySQL remotely or setup access using something like phpMyAdmin.

At the end of the I would be remiss if I didn’t say cPanel for Linux Web Hosting was pretty awesome and has helped literally millions of websites get online. After a bit of practice, cPanel is easy to use and offers a full host of features to help make running your site or application super easy. One question we do get frequently is for customers who have outgrown a Linux Web hosting plan and are looking to move to a dedicated server or VPS with cPanel included. While the licensing costs are a bit different customers can in fact use cPanel for VPS or dedicated servers and basically manage their server the exactly same way with some additional capabilities available to them.


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