Technology Meets Art with Emergence of a New Domain

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London-based businessman Ulvi Kasimov and his company UK Creative Ideas Ltd. have just spent $25 million on a new Internet domain name, and it’s a big deal.


.art is a new top-level domain created for the world’s creative community in all its diverse forms. Kasimov hopes it will help bolster digital infrastructure for the international art community, be it individuals, organizations, or even pieces of art themselves. Beyond the name, it aims to create an inclusive, unified community for artists online.

“Our mission is to preserve the cultural legacy of the global art world,” Kasimov explained in a statement. “We are honored that so many respected institutions from all over the world share our vision and conviction that .art will transform the arts community’s relationship with the internet and help protect their brand’s heritage online.”

The Race Begins

Soon, a lot of big names were seen adopting .art: Apple registered 36 domain names, including and; among other notable purchases were,,,, and many others.

At the same time, other new domain names are also gaining popularity to add another layer of meaning to URLs, now before and after the dot (e.g. .law, .bank, .shop, etc.).

But even with major players jumping on board, there are those wondering how useful the domain will actually be. Because even though there’s no doubt that purchasing the domain is a smart move from the ‘covering bases’ point of view, not everyone will have the immediate need for it.


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