Are Subscriptions an Antidote to Piracy?

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Threats to Netflix

As most people know, recently a hacker that went by the alias ‘The Dark Overlord’ attempted and failed to threaten Netflix when it pirated the newest season of Orange is The New Black and held it for ransom. When Netflix refused to budge, the season was put onto pirate bay for the anyone to torrent. However, it didn’t really affect Netflix as much as people thought.

Convenience is Best

Ever since Netflix began creating their own shows, they’ve been pirated, with little impact to sales or revenue. In fact, there’s no reason for consumers to unsubscribe from the streaming service just because one television series is coming out earlier than anticipated. Netflix is cheap, trustworthy, and dependable. The same cannot be said of piracy sites. For instance, Netflix users can instantly stream an enormous variety of TV shows, while consumers on piracy sites face an arsenal of online advertisements and malware threats. This convenience factor is more than enough to make the majority of people choose Netflix, and neglect piracy sites.

Why Hasn’t Piracy Died Off Completely?

Most companies producing television shows have no problem giving streaming services like Netflix copyrights, leading to a decline in piracy all across the board. Movies on the other hand, which maintain a larger budget, expect a much higher payback in most cases. This means that copyright owners are more reluctant to give new content over to subscription services like Netflix until it has made a run at the box office and generated the most amount of theater revenue. Consequently, piracy is still rampant in the movie industry due to its high cost.

What does this Mean?

Looking at both Netflix and the film industry, it’s clear that subscription-based services are exterminating the need for pirating content in any way, shape or form. The only reason pirating remains popular is because industries are slow to adapt. In the meantime, we can expect the likes of Netflix to remain unfazed by more or less empty threats, and continue to gain the support of its user base for being a cheap and reliable service.


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