Emma Watch: Microsoft’s Wearable Retort to Parkinson’s

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Advances in wearable technology are no longer all Fitbit and Apple Watch but are now expanding to find unique ways to improve the lives of diverse groups. One notable example of late has been the Emma Watch, the brilliant brainchild of British Microsoft Research employee, Haiyan Zhang in collaboration with Nicolas Villar, which can help diminish tremors in Parkinson’s patients.

About the Emma

The watch was introduced on BBC’s The Big Life Fix and is named after 33-year-old Emma Lawton. The watch uses small vibrating motors, which effectively distract the brain and counteract the patient’s tremors, effectively stabilizing the limb and restoring the wearer’s ability to write.

Image source: Microsoft

Game Changer

Although the Emma Watch has certainly made a splash in wearable technology, it is still just a prototype. There is still a long way to go before it is available for widespread distribution. But at the same time, it is really quite incredible that Zhang was able to effectively cure the symptoms of a disease that medical and surgical technology have yet to beat.

Ultimately, this device has the potential to make an incredible, substantial, and immediate change for the better for countless Parkinson’s patients, and for that it is commendable.


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