Google Makes Family Sharing Easier Than Ever

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Over the years, Google has steadily expanded its products to appeal to families with introducing family plans to Google Music, the Play Store, and YouTube TV. Google is now continuing in this vein by adding family features to Calendar, Keep, and Photos.

Now it goes without saying that all the features listed below already exist in some form or another, but by compiling them in a bundled package, Google is making it quite a bit easier to have them set up for you before you even realize a real need for them.


The plan will allow you to have a shared family calendar which will display the schedules of all family members.


Having a joined Keep account could help organize activities better, like compiling and sharing shopping lists, notes, reminders, etc.


Again, quite self-explanatory, but a shared Photos group would allow family members to add photos and videos to one collective album with very little effort.

Starting today, these features will be effective across Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, the UK and the US.


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