Copy and Paste Like Never Before with Google’s AI Enabled Android O

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Google’s vice president of engineering, David Burke, says that the next big frontier for Android smartphones to overcome will be the perpetual pain that is to copy and paste.

Android O

Android O, Google’s latest version of the operating system, will allow users to copy and paste information like never before.

For one, it will automatically recognize and highlight names, places, and addresses in emails and text messages so that you can copy and paste them with ease without having to drag the little placeholder arrows that are currently used to select text.

The AI that runs on the phone can literally distinguish names and addresses from other text, all without the help of distant data centers to pull information from. This is possible through TensorFlow Lite, a lightweight version of the open source software that drives neural networks inside Google’s data centers. TensorFlow is also set to be part of an open source project planned for later this year, which means that it will soon be available to coders the world over.

And it’s not just Google

Apart from Google, Facebook is also using neural networks to deliver content without having to rely on a data center, but Google is more influential in this sense because of the popularity of the Android OS. This enables them to put the technology in the hands of people much more efficiently.

Software like TensorFlow which run neural networks on phones are a huge burden on the RAM and battery, but because of efforts from the likes of Google and Facebook, other companies are working on their own versions. An example is Intel, which is also working on AI processors for phones.


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