Google’s Jamboard: Not Your Everyday Whiteboard

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Google Jamboard

Google is looking to integrate itself firmly within the everyday workplace by adapting to modern needs, this time through a new product, the Jamboard. The interactive device is really just a large whiteboard, where ideas or pictures drawn onto it can be mirrored onto another Jamboard or any tablet or device. It’s a large brainstorming tool, but also a business device. Google’s new product is not only praised for its simplicity, but also for its video sharing capabilities.

More than a Whiteboard

While Google explains that video conferencing is still in the works, the Jamboard allows for users to share their board with others, while also giving users the ability to switch from the board to the face cam. The only shortcoming with this feature is that it is only able to broadcast one screen, meaning you cannot show both the board and the face cam. The Jamboard is only able to broadcast one screen, meaning you cannot show both the board and the face cam. But this seems like a relatively inconsequential inconvenience, considering its impressive handwriting recognition technology, ability to help you draw shapes and write text in difference sizes and colors. It also has the ability to display images, screenshots, emoji, and in the future, may be integrated with other apps that workplaces rely on, like Slack or Trello.

The applications of the Jamboard can vary from business to educational (although considering the price tag, probably more business than education. The Jamboard excels at giving users the ability to share ideas with one another, but it’s not made for presentations or Powerpoint, but remains a very powerful, very expensive, brainstorming tool. For some businesses, this acquisition would be valuable for passing information quickly and efficiently, without wasting time sifting through notes and other files, and maybe with future incarnations that feature better video calling interface, the Jamboard really will make itself indispensable in the modern workplace.


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