LinkedIn Features You (Probably) Didn’t Know Existed

Like any other network, LinkedIn is constantly evolving, making changes and adding features you may not even know are available to you. Here are some hidden LinkedIn features you (probably) didn’t know existed.

Create your profile in another language

Looking to connect with people in another country or want to demonstrate your skills in a foreign language? Consider translating your profile into another language. Linkedin currently supports 24 languages. This option can be found below the edit your public profile option as mentioned above. It can be found on the right side of your profile page when logged into LinkedIn. You will need to manually translate your profile as LinkedIn doesn’t do it for you. Once set up, viewers of your profile will see the one most relevant to them or they can select a language from your profile. Each language profile will have its own unique URL and appear in search engines.

Embed media

On your profile, you can embed media like images, documents, links, videos and other items to feature work samples at each of your positions. LinkedIn uses Embedly which allows you to connect with over 400 content providers. You can also upload documents directly to LinkedIn, but you’re limited to a file size of 15 MB. There is also an option to provide a link.

Export your connections

You can download an offline copy of all of your connections and account data. Head to this link: and click on the Export Contacts button on the bottom right. This will open a new page giving you the option to get an archive of your data. The first is a Fast File which includes your data on connections, contacts, recommendations, messages, and profile information and takes about 10 minutes to compile. The second includes all of those files as well as account information, including account activity and history which takes 24 hours to compile. Once downloaded, you can open the file in a spreadsheet program of your choice.

Edit your public profile

On your profile page, when logged in, you will have the option to edit your public profile and change what people can see about you when they are not logged into LinkedIn. You can find the button on the upper part of the right column of your profile. On this page, you can select what sections will show up and how much detail you want to reveal. At the bottom of this page, you also have the option to make a LinkedIn Badge which you can embed on your website, online resume or blog.

Hide or unfollow status updates

Occasionally you may want to hide or unfollow the status updates of some of your connections. Maybe they’re being spammy, but you want to remain connected for other reasons, or you don’t want to see content of a particular time. To hide or unfollow an update, click on the three dots next to your connection’s name in your timeline and select hide or unfollow depending on your preference. If you change your mind later and want to undo this, you can adjust your settings in your Settings and Privacy page under the Privacy tab.

LinkedIn Learning

Hidden at the top of your navigation bar is a drop-down menu called “Work.” By selecting the “Learning” button, you have access to a variety of courses on different topics. LinkedIn acquired which is where they pull these courses from. For a monthly fee, you have access to unlimited courses. If you already have a Premium LinkedIn account, you get access to Learning as well. Courses are designed using videos which you can access offline as well and often come with exercises. This is a great way to learn something new or review concepts to up your skill set.

What are some of your favourite features of LinkedIn? Did we miss one?


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