Minutiae: The Self-Proclaimed ‘Anti-Social Media’ App to Celebrate the Mundane

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“Real” Social Media

Unlike its counterparts in Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, Minutiae claims to be an anti-social media platform that prides itself on capturing “real” photos of an individual’s lives. The app’s defining feature is the limitations it places on users; each individual receives a notification at a random time of the day and is given 5 seconds to frame their shot before their camera takes a photo of whatever is in front of them. Once their photo has been taken, they will be paired with another anonymous user and given the chance to browse each other’s photo collection.

The emergence of Minutiae stems from the surreal versions of ourselves we portray on the internet and how wildly inaccurate that can be when compared to everyday life. It is an attempt to capture people’s lives in its rawest, most real form. Naturally, these photos are never really photographic masterpieces and rarely project anything interesting. Typical photos include a person’s workplace, their home, or a random street in a random city. This type of limitation shows just how much we try to make ourselves seem interesting when in reality we only capture the big moments in life. As a result, we rarely get to appreciate the smaller, but equally meaningful things in life.

Normalizing Authenticity

At the moment, Minutiae is anonymous and serves as a personal tool. However, this idea could branch out into the mainstream platforms, where we start to see celebrities and even businesses begin capturing moments without the use of Photoshop among other apps to better the quality of the shot. While this idea offers a wide array of opportunity in the future, it also reminds us that current social media platforms are so powerful that people can buy into your masterfully-crafted illusion of a profile, as long as you know what you’re doing. It proves that while authenticity is encouraged, it can also be created with even more effect.


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