Signs You Need a New Website

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Having a good, functional website is paramount to putting your bets foot forward to prospective customers. But even the best of websites need to be updated every now and then, with sections deleted, new ones added, and more focus given to design, user interface, etc. So while updating a website is absolutely a normal part of the growth of your business and the landscape around it, it is equally important to know when the little update here and that tiny tweak there renders your website an outdated, unrecognizable mess that is simply failing to function.

Not recognizing the need for an overhaul could lead to losses in traffic and engagement. Here are some common situations that should make you consider rebuilding your website.

The Death of Flash

The era of Flash players is long gone and will remain so for the future. If your website is running flash, you should treat this as an immediate red flag. In cases like these, it’s time to look for new options to rebuild your website, or tear it down and create something new.

Revitalizing  Current Structures

Over time, your website has probably picked up a lot of clutter that you don’t really need. This is especially true if, for example, if you’ve switched development teams over and over again, it may be too late to clean up. Instead, it might be a good idea to just start over, and doing so will allow you to reassess the purpose and function that your website serves while also creating a newer, fresher website for your customers. It is a clear cut “two birds with one stone” scenario.

Mobile Compatibility

Most people nowadays own a smartphone, and a huge majority of them use their smartphone to search the Internet. So naturally, you’ll be missing out on a huge opportunity if your website still doesn’t support mobile devices. Not only will you receive less exposure, your customers will be less inclined to visit your site, and new ones will not even look your way. It’s crucial to make sure your site supports mobile, or work on a solution if it is not already.


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