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Google Rankbrain SEO

With the beginning of a New Year, it’s the perfect time to talk about SEO and what Google has in store for us in 2018. Google is constantly advancing its algorithm to better the experience of its users. One of the most important updates will be regarding Google’s innovation: RankBrain. Due to that, I want to share information with you about this important Google feature, which is going to be even more important this year than it was in 2017.

What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is a system which is in charge of sorting Google search results. I believe I see the question mark above your head. Google has been doing that for ages, so what makes RankBrain so special? The answer is simple. RankBrain understands what you are looking for.

Until now, Google has used keywords you would “google” and matched them to the article which has them inside. This was good until people started to use keywords which didn’t exist in Google’s vocabulary, such as keywords with years that are coming (2018, 2019…) or some other combination or new product. Google then didn’t know what to offer so it offered articles with similar keywords, which was OK, but not perfect. That is the reason why experts from Google wanted to revolutionize this process.

RankBrain has a slightly different principle. It understands what you are looking for and it gives you the best article on that topic, no matter the keyword. RankBrain is an algorithm which uses all keywords possible and combines them until they collect the information you are looking for. It constantly browses the internet and it tries to understand what you are looking for.

RankBrain sees the correlation between terms you are searching. For example, it understands that Madrid is to Spain the same way that Moscow is to Russia, but it also understands that New York is not connected to China in the same way. RankBrain understands that in the first and the second combination we have capital cities and countries and in the third combination it’s just a random city and country. As you can see, RankBrain understands what you are looking for and it gives you articles that will satisfy your needs.

How does RankBrain work?

It measures how people act on one website and how much time they spend on it. RankBrain cross-references that measurement with other websites competing for the same word and then it compares results. Its main criteria is how you act on the given site. Do you stay and read, do you leave for another website, or do you stay because you have found what you were looking for? You are RankBrain’s best measurement if the article is good or bad.

The simplest way to say it is that the website where people stay longer gets the better position. That means that the article on that page is better and it provides more information for the reader. If a page which is at the top of the Google search offers low-quality articles, readers will quickly bounce and go to another page because they haven’t found what they are looking for.

For example, imagine there are two pages that are competing for the same word and there are 20 readers on them both right now. If page number 1 offers a short and dull article, 15 readers will go back to Google and continue their search for answers. Page number 2, on the other hand, offers a short but good quality article which answers the wanted question. That means that 15 readers will stay on that page for a longer amount of time. Can you guess what RankBrain does next? RankBrain will move page number 2 above page number 1 simply because it offers better information, which is more valuable to users.

If a reader is satisfied with their search results, they will spend more time on a page, which will send a signal to Google that the page is trustworthy and of good quality. The opinion each reader has about a certain page will decide whether the page goes up on the Google search engine or stays in the same place.

RankBrain is focused on SEO but what’s more important is that it is focused on the user’s experience. Google is not what it used to be a few years ago and today there are more and more people looking for answers on the internet. This is why RankBrain is getting more important.

We all know that Google’s page ranking can make or break your company. RankBrain is a huge update that will certainly affect page ranking, resulting in changes all over the internet. If you stay focused on the new way it works, you will have no problem adjusting your site to RankBrain’s criteria.

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